Merton Simpson Testifies at State Hearing on the CCIA

Merton Simpson, Albany County Legislator and SHARE Co-Chair, testified at the April 13, 2021 Senate Joint Environmental Conservation and Energy Committee Hearing on The Climate and Community Investment Act “CCIA” (Senate Bill 4264-A). In the entire hearing video, his testimony appears at 3:51:40. He also submitted written testimony.

In his testimony Merton referenced the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing — Environmental Conservation, held January 27, 2021, in which he had also testified. He noted that after more than 11 hours of testimony in that hearing, he was the first person to speak about the importance of geothermal energy.  (In the video of the entire hearing, his testimony appears at 11:06:05.) His written testimony at that hearing spelled out SHARE’s budget asks, which were supported also by other environmental groups and several state legislators but were not included in the recently approved budget.

The videos of the hearings are also listed in the Video section of this website.