Who We Are

Mission Statement

Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy’s mission is to stop the Sheridan Hollow fossil fuel powerplant and use the state funds dedicated to this proposed project for a renewable energy solution.

SHARE Coalition

• Membership in the SHARE Coalition is open to any group who agrees to the mission statement and is willing to put in the work.
• The monthly SHARE meetings will be held in Albany and will be open to members organizations from across the state to call in. Each member organization should have one individual rep and an alternate.
• Individuals are encouraged to participate.
• Most decisions will be made by consensus at the monthly meetings.
• If there is no consensus a vote may be taken of one vote per member group. e.g. One vote from PAUSE, one vote from SNYFGP, etc. Electeds representing their neighborhood will get a vote.
Unrepresented individuals at the meeting may caucus to have a vote.

Note: The Steering Committee is charged with making a proposal to ensure that Albany area groups maintain majority control of the coalition.