• The Empire’s Backyard: Power and Pollution in Sheridan Hollow (11 minute video)
    SHARE, in conjunction with Skidmore College’s Environmental Studies and Sciences Program and the John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS), participates in “Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice,” a project of the Humanities Action Lab. SHARE’s portion of the project, “The Empire’s Backyard: Power and Pollution in Sheridan Hollow,” is but one of 22 global community exhibits that explore the roots of climate and environmental inequality where they live—and envision more just futures. In addition to the Climate Justice Exhibit held in Albany in March, 2020, the project produced this video, which reviews some of the history of the Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant and ANSWERS plant and features interviews of residents describing how their daily lives and health have been affected by pollution from the plants.
  • Earth Day Webinar (1 hour 55 minute video)
    This video recording features SHARE and Skidmore speakers, part of RPI’s Engineering the Anthropocene series. (See also the 4/20/20 post.)