Jay Egg and Keith Schue Release New Report on Geothermal Energy for New York’s Capitol

Today, Jay Egg and Keith Schue released a new report on solutions for heating and cooling the Capitol and Empire State Plaza without fossil fuels. This includes a discussion of proven geothermal technologies and thermal load sharing techniques. The report, written for the Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy (SHARE), also provides real-world examples of large-scale renewable heating and cooling projects that have been built elsewhere, including other states that have converted their capitols to modern geothermal technology.

Jay Egg’s 35 years in the geothermal industry have earned him the labels of visionary and game-changer in the advancement of thermal energy exchange. President of Egg Geo, Jay focuses on feasibility and design for thermal energy networks and geothermal implementation, aquifer-related feasibility, and special permitting. He has developed training programs for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority and supports labor in the deployment of utility-scale geothermal systems. Jay is a Certified Geothermal Designer, mechanical professional, co-recipient of the 2020 Constellation Prize for Policy Change, and passionate thermal energy advocate who began his career in nuclear power with the U.S. Navy.

Keith Schue has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and worked in the private sector for fourteen years in hardware design and development. Before moving to New York, he was employed with the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy on issues relating to the impacts of human development and infrastructure on ecosystems. Co-recipient of the 2020 Constellation Prize with Egg for their work in Sheridan Hollow, he has been engaged in New York energy policy since 2010, and is a technical advisor for several organizations including SHARE. Keith has provided input on the New York State energy plan, Clean Energy Standard, Scoping Plan for climate action, regulations, legislation, and various projects.

The Report: Geothermal Energy for New York’s Capitol

Recording of today’s Press Conference

Molly Burke, Activists push for renewable energy at Capitol, Times Union, May 17, 2024.