Dear Governor Hochul: Convert the Capitol Complex to Renewable Energy

SHARE has released a sign on letter calling on Governor Hochul to transition the State Capitol complex (Capitol, Empire State Plaza, and other nearby state buildings) to renewable energy within three years. Other organizations can help by signing the letter, which encourages the Governor to incorporate the Renewable Capitol Act into her next Executive Budget.

The Renewable Capitol Act will be a model of how our state can meet our climate goals, and end New York State’s continued contamination of the low income, predominantly black community of Sheridan Hollow just blocks from the Capitol.  The Act will finally enable the Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant (SASP) in Albany to be shut down! It has been polluting the Sheridan Hollow and Arbor Hill neighborhoods in Albany and releasing climate destroying greenhouse gasses for over 100 years in order to heat and cool the Capitol and Empire State Plaza.

Please have your organization sign the letter. The deadline is September 15th.