How Environmental Racism Affects Sheridan
Hollow and Other Albany Neighborhoods

Environmental racism in Sheridan Hollow and other Albany neighborhoods is the focus of a recent article by Dana Brady in Albany Proper, the online publication devoted to reporting on social interest stories within Albany. The article includes some of the long history of impacts of burning fossil fuels — and even trash — on the health of residents of the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood. SHARE’s recent success in opposing the state’s plan to add gas turbine generators to the Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant is highlighted. Also mentioned is SHARE’s continuing advocacy for a geothermal heating and cooling system for the Empire State Plaza, a step that would enable shutting down the Steam Plant entirely.

The article also discusses environmental justice issues in the South End, Arbor Hill, and West Hill neighborhoods. See Albany Neighborhoods Highlight a Long History of Environmental Racism.

For additional history of how the Steam Plant and ANSWERS plant have affected the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood, see SHARE’s detailed report, Meeting the Needs of the Empire State Plaza Without Fossil Fuels, especially the first two sections.